40 Character Electronic Braille Reading System - WBD 40

Product USP:

  • Piezo Actuated Braille display

  • PSoC based Design

  • Memory: 1MB

  • PC Interface: USB 2.0

  • Power Consumption: 5W

  • Power Supply: 16 V DC adapter, input 220 V AC, Rechargeable Battery

  • Dimension: 360mm X 185mm X 35mm

  • Weight: 600 gm

  • Braille Cells: 40 nos in one line

  • Command buttons: Next Line, Previous Line, Next Block, Previous Block, Start of File, End of File, Tab and Select.

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Product code: WBD - 40

Webel Mediatronics Limited has developed the paperless Braille reading system for the visually impaired persons. The device has refreshable Braille display of 40 characters in one line and a few control keys. Visually impaired persons can read a Braille file / book / document from a PC at his own speed. Unlimited reading material can be made available in Braille electronically to visually impaired students / persons.

The application software, ReadBraillePlus supports Bengali, Hindi and English languages as per Bharati Braille standard; supports Unicode, doc, rtf, aci, txt, brf, brli file formats. Text to speech support has been provided for operation by the visually impaired persons. Storing of files in the device allows Braille reading even when not connected to computer.

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